Time in Nature for body, mind and spirit revitalization

Intuition can transform your state of being, if you trust and follow the positive intuitive message, and I attest to this as very true.  I was doing some research at home and the intuitive message was “stop, go and spend some time in nature”.  I got my bike and off I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, where I met some very cheerful people.   I then went to Richmond Park; again I met very cheerful people.  I got back recharged, with new ideas about what I was doing, flowing with better clarity and focus.  The trip evoked memories of one of my former tutors, who used to visit the park, and taught about trees, energy and grounding.

Scientifically, there are several reasons cited as to why it is beneficial to spend time in nature.  Preliminary [1]studies suggested that spending time in nature, particularly in forests, may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins.  Additionally, sharper thinking and creativity are benefits that can be derived from spending time in nature.

Exposure[2] to nature makes you feel better emotionally, contributes to your physical wellbeing, reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.  There are various reasons why some people may not be able to regularly spend time in nature; however, if one can he/she should, because the benefits are worthwhile.

People these days spend 25% less time enjoying nature than people did about 20 years ago[3].  Spending all day indoors creates a void in benefiting from the restorative power of nature.  Nature exhilarates our bodies minds and spirits.

The most visible manifestation of spirit is nature[4], where we interact with life’s primal energies: earth, water, fire, and air.  Education research[5] informs us that people who hold spiritual beliefs have better mental health, and this is recognised by mental health care practitioners.  Therefore from a spiritual perspective, I believe that spending time in nature is revitalizing, it is also pertinence to spirituality.


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