The Spiritual and Physical Approach


Some of the conditions that manifest physically have a spiritual connotation, which is usually at the inception of the disease or ailment.  Most often, people pay attention to the physical and pay little or no regard to the spiritual aspects of their health.  Therefore the remedial steps taken by such individuals are likely to tackle one aspect of the problem, not the whole.  A holistic assessment and treatment approach is what I would advocate.  Just because an unwanted situation is not apparent or obviously visible to an individual does not mean that it is not there.

The empiricist approach may be that: “If I cannot see it then it is not there.”  Well, anybody who has got the unveiling or spiritual perception can see such matters.  Additionally, the reality is that not everyone has the unveiling or spiritual perception and is qualified to address such matters.  Ordinarily, we are often exhorted to be open minded or receptive to different perspectives.  The same premise can be applied here, in understanding and taking remedial steps with regard to health by taking a dual approach, spiritual and physical.   Some adverse conditions often manifest spiritually before physical manifestation.  A dual approach to tackling such issues can be said to be more proactive than reactionary to physical ailments.

Let us consider an instance where an individual suffers from unwanted spiritual intrusion into his/her body or space.  Instinctively, one may say that prayers can be said over the individual and the evil spirits or demons exorcised; a plausible assertion indeed.  However, how about the missing or misplaced fragment/s of the person’s being, which if not sought for and restored can have adverse effects on the person’s wellbeing.  Among other things, the adverse effects can take the form of loss of vitality or power, and more susceptibility to other adverse states.  Restitution is therefore necessary for the person affected to function optimally.  I would take a dualistic approach to where the spiritual and physical aspects are both examined and addressed.

I wish you well.


From Survival Mode to Thriving Mode


When a mindset is inculcated in some individuals that the word ‘difficult’ should be acceptable at all times, this can maintain an indelible mark of that word in the mind regardless of situations.  The word difficult has negative connotations and can be a way of informing the person that: “Just survive, do not try because you will not thrive.”  My response to that subversive undercurrent is: “I have to give my intentions and actions a chance for my betterment, in fairness to me and the potential beneficiaries of my work/business.”  Yes, that is being realistic, optimistic, intuitive, rational, fair and prudent.

The first step you may notice is that the perceived ‘difficulty’ did not actualise as previously thought.  Snippets of the difficulty soon melt and evaporate into the stratosphere.  What you now have left is more opportunities to further your agenda of moving from survival mode to thriving mode.  You are in the driving seat; all you need to do is change to a higher gear, from two to three, four, and five as you progress.  You soon realise that there has been a cessation of surviving and thriving is no longer a far cry, but it is all you are now experiencing.

You are on the motorway/highway, be mindful that you will need to change lanes too and ultimately, the mode of transport.  Yes, you need to check the rear view mirror for safety only, and do not be obsessed by some of the relics of history that could serve to distract you, making you lose concentration on thriving.  The things, people and places that are antithetical to your mission to thrive are most probably ‘excess baggage’, just travel light, you will have less to think about and less to carry.  The word of caution here is you should ensure that you maintain your philanthropic values.

There are needy people who are truly deserving of your help, not imposters; your wisdom and judgement are key elements here. The deserving needy should not suffer abandonment; they are your extended family in this global family.  Regularity at charitable work and activities should be a given, you are now blessed financially.

You have moved from survival mode to thriving mode, others may say that you have self actualised.


 Reflecting Holistically


Reflecting on the week/month/year, whatever your vantage point, it is a helpful exercise with a multitude of benefits.   Business or whatever work necessitates good productivity and efficiency for good financial rewards to be realised.  However, reflecting on the work and well-being to date is a helpful tool in improving efficiency and output.  When reflecting, you know how you went about what you went about, and you need to know how you could manage a similar situation better, next time.  Reflecting and devising better strategies is a work in progress because situations are dynamic, changing over time and ever changing.

Additionally, that board meeting or business deal could have either diminished or boosted your self-esteem.  On reflection, you have learned what you have learned, know which areas need improvement.  Did events unfold according to your expectations?  When you look at expectations versus reality and there was a mismatch, this becomes an obvious trigger for better strategy and action next time.  Furthermore, realistic expectations rarely disappoint.  Preconceived ideas can be a two edged weapon, they can be of help or a hindrance to achieving desired outcomes.  Open-mindedness, the receptacle for all that comes is a good thing, coupled with an analytical and discerning mind to make the right decisions.

When reflecting, I exhort you to take a holistic approach, among other things, integrating your well-being as well.  Wellness should be pertinent to your future plans and aspirations, self neglect should not be an option to explore.  Taking a holistic approach to reflecting, by integrating your well-being can stave off: self neglect, low productivity, low returns, diminished confidence, avoidable morbidity and the adverse effects of some medicines.  As a certified healer and herbalist, I can be of help where situations necessitate and where my assistance is requested.

I wish you well in your endeavours.

Reconstitute and get in the fast lane


I believe that cutting your losses and letting your profits run is a helpful thing to do; additionally, you should know when to do so. You are emancipated and freed to think and work on master plans and projects that are grander and beneficial to society.  You are now wearing your actual shoe size, because you were previously “wearing” a size or two smaller than what befits you. It is often a way to doing greater things life, in perhaps a more rewarding and fulfilling way.

You are more equipped than you think.  Firstly, you have knowledge and skills to date and you cannot unlearn what you already know.  Deploy your knowledge, skills talent and experience in a different capacity; the rewards are always waiting to be received.  Looking from an economics focal point, take into consideration the micro and macro, society will be appreciative of your work and diligence.  Do your maths: Among other things, you are now more able to use your intellectual capacity to a greater extent ( – ) undue stress ( + ) better prospects ( + ) a better quality of life ( + ) appreciation of your clients/customers or patients = success.

Focus on your life task and let your failures inspire you.  Despair should not be an option, just drive your wishes and aspirations through the one-way street of hope.                  Having hope opens up many possibilities, including opportunities to explore along the way and having realistic speculations that come to fruition in due course.   A good strategy with realistic and not outlandish targets is helpful.

Surely, if your desire is to be successful in life, it may then be worth noting that you can get to your preferred destination.  Yes you can, just get in lane onto the one way street of hope, you are on the right trajectory, just power on and success will be your crown.  Reconstitute yourself, be in the fast lane and disprove those who did not believe in you.  You thought you could be successful, yes you can, be ready to reap big, stand tall and enjoy your blessings!


Do what you love, love what you do


“You’ve got to find what you love…  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  – Steve Jobs

The process of finding and arriving at what you truly love can be multi-faceted.  In my case, some of the things that I took into consideration were: autonomy, my interests, skills, strengths and possibilities.  Finding what I love helped immensely in extricating me from confining situations at work, I do not feel constricted. Constriction can be a disempowering element which can in turn hinder one’s creativity, output and progress.

I had to find what I love and after doing so, I submitted to the ideal apprenticeship where I have learned and continue to learn lessons established by the greatest masters, past and present in my field of work.  During my apprenticeship, I had teachers, mentors and coaches that I learned from and this greatly increased my proficiency in the field of healing.

My area of work is not one with operational manuals, policies and procedures of which, once mastered, you know everything in your business.  It is an area of work where independence, self direction, creativity, intuition and ration are exercised freely for the good of all.  Freedom, plurality of thought and expression are key elements for getting the best from one’s talent.

The autonomy attributed to my work allows me to harness my skills, whereby my knowledge has vastly expanded, and the expansion is a continuum.  Acquisition of skills can be eclectic, as has been in my case.  Keeping at my craft also continually adds value to the quality of work, a source of inspiration to me and satisfaction to clientele.

While it is the case that every job or business comes with criticisms and compliments; it is also true that virtue cannot live out of the teeth of emotion.  However, it is important to note that by not having revulsion for what one does, this underpins output, quality and satisfaction.

I found what I love and love what I do as an intuitive healer and herbalist, certified and internationally recognised. Working with business owners and individuals, where I’m able let my uniqueness and authenticity resonate freely.