From Survival Mode to Thriving Mode


When a mindset is inculcated in some individuals that the word ‘difficult’ should be acceptable at all times, this can maintain an indelible mark of that word in the mind regardless of situations.  The word difficult has negative connotations and can be a way of informing the person that: “Just survive, do not try because you will not thrive.”  My response to that subversive undercurrent is: “I have to give my intentions and actions a chance for my betterment, in fairness to me and the potential beneficiaries of my work/business.”  Yes, that is being realistic, optimistic, intuitive, rational, fair and prudent.

The first step you may notice is that the perceived ‘difficulty’ did not actualise as previously thought.  Snippets of the difficulty soon melt and evaporate into the stratosphere.  What you now have left is more opportunities to further your agenda of moving from survival mode to thriving mode.  You are in the driving seat; all you need to do is change to a higher gear, from two to three, four, and five as you progress.  You soon realise that there has been a cessation of surviving and thriving is no longer a far cry, but it is all you are now experiencing.

You are on the motorway/highway, be mindful that you will need to change lanes too and ultimately, the mode of transport.  Yes, you need to check the rear view mirror for safety only, and do not be obsessed by some of the relics of history that could serve to distract you, making you lose concentration on thriving.  The things, people and places that are antithetical to your mission to thrive are most probably ‘excess baggage’, just travel light, you will have less to think about and less to carry.  The word of caution here is you should ensure that you maintain your philanthropic values.

There are needy people who are truly deserving of your help, not imposters; your wisdom and judgement are key elements here. The deserving needy should not suffer abandonment; they are your extended family in this global family.  Regularity at charitable work and activities should be a given, you are now blessed financially.

You have moved from survival mode to thriving mode, others may say that you have self actualised.


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