The Spiritual and Physical Approach


Some of the conditions that manifest physically have a spiritual connotation, which is usually at the inception of the disease or ailment.  Most often, people pay attention to the physical and pay little or no regard to the spiritual aspects of their health.  Therefore the remedial steps taken by such individuals are likely to tackle one aspect of the problem, not the whole.  A holistic assessment and treatment approach is what I would advocate.  Just because an unwanted situation is not apparent or obviously visible to an individual does not mean that it is not there.

The empiricist approach may be that: “If I cannot see it then it is not there.”  Well, anybody who has got the unveiling or spiritual perception can see such matters.  Additionally, the reality is that not everyone has the unveiling or spiritual perception and is qualified to address such matters.  Ordinarily, we are often exhorted to be open minded or receptive to different perspectives.  The same premise can be applied here, in understanding and taking remedial steps with regard to health by taking a dual approach, spiritual and physical.   Some adverse conditions often manifest spiritually before physical manifestation.  A dual approach to tackling such issues can be said to be more proactive than reactionary to physical ailments.

Let us consider an instance where an individual suffers from unwanted spiritual intrusion into his/her body or space.  Instinctively, one may say that prayers can be said over the individual and the evil spirits or demons exorcised; a plausible assertion indeed.  However, how about the missing or misplaced fragment/s of the person’s being, which if not sought for and restored can have adverse effects on the person’s wellbeing.  Among other things, the adverse effects can take the form of loss of vitality or power, and more susceptibility to other adverse states.  Restitution is therefore necessary for the person affected to function optimally.  I would take a dualistic approach to where the spiritual and physical aspects are both examined and addressed.

I wish you well.

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