From Being Ordinary to Extraordinary


You have laid your strategy, just follow through. It is the tactics that you need to change contextually, as and when necessary.

Excavate what you will of divine providence on a grand scale using power tools with minimum effort.  Any extra stuff in your possession can be passed onto those that are in genuine need and do not have means.  Avoid using hand shovels; they require a lot of effort with minimal returns over a long time.  You are not being lazy but rather a smart hardworking individual.  You do not expend physical energy unnecessarily, you save it for leisurely activities like mountaineering and weight lifting in the gym, how smart!

Remember that your attitude has a bearing on your altitude on this passage from being ordinary to being extraordinary.  Cultivate your bird’s eye view of things; leave the worm’s eye view to those who have chosen that.

Surely, you are profoundly different, because you do not take a cursory approach to doing your business.  You are analytical and use a fine tooth comb in your ventures.  Some uncharitable individuals may call you fussy, but the truth is that you are thorough.  You are safe and will not be sorry.  The difference between you and them is that there is likelihood that they will be sorry in due course.

With this approach, you have inoculated yourself and your business from those who try to hoodwink or detract you.  The aim is not to make losses; however, if the gains you are making far outweigh the losses, then you are making commendable progress.

Focus like a laser and have a safe distance between yourself and the toxicity of those whose mindset is defeatist, they are a hindrance.  If they are too close for comfort, you will not be extraordinary, and if you want to be, maintaining a safe distance between you and them is an option – choose!

In transacting with others, your speech ripples with intelligence, genuineness and is from the heart, because it is.  Your speech is not vacuous material designed to fill time.  Your time is so precious that every second is cherished and is invaluable.

You are purposeful with good and worthwhile intent, for the benefit of yourself and those that are helped through your work.  You truly are extraordinary.

I wish you well.

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