Moral Courage: Imperative for Success


Moral courage is about being able to take action for moral reasons; courage entails deliberation and is a pre-requisite to action.  When you objectively take yourself through the process of introspection, this may reveal particular dimensions that were not obviously apparent to you.  You may come to the realisation that you need to re-calibrate certain things in order for you to get the lifestyle you truly deserve.

Your comfort zone will be one of the first casualties; it will have to suffer regular bouts of abandonment.  There has to be some trade-off or opportunity cost/s, and doing so will not be devoid of any risks.  For instance, you will need to have the moral courage to tap into and make use of your emotional competence, while being honest with yourself about how you feel.  You need to helpfully ensure that you have sufficient rest and nutrition, short of which could lead to health issues and loss of time and income.  A helpful balance is therefore called for to aid you in sustaining your momentum.

Adaptability is something you should have the moral courage to do in the vortex of ideas that you are privy to. If a particular plan is not working, scrap it and adopt a new one, avoid holding onto dead weight.   You are more likely than not, to traverse through some uncharted territory which can have the feel of adventurism.  Yes, it is objective and purposeful adventurism.  Explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley exemplified objective, purposeful adventuring, so did David Livingstone, a missionary.

Just bear in mind that big journeys start with small steps. You need to believe in a higher purpose and draw inspiration from exemplary figures, and those that share your vision.  You are spreading your wings, your clients and others that derive benefit from your services are counting on you.

Self evaluation is a continuum on the road to success; it is inextricable from the things on your to-do list.  Have the moral courage not to seek solace in generating reasons for not taking up opportunities that come your way.  Additionally, have the moral courage to take the necessary steps to transcend your current place in the economic universe, in order to be counted among the successful.

I wish you will.


February: Cleansing/Purification


The word February is derived from the word Februa; which means cleansing or purification.[1]  Cleansing means to sanitize, decontaminate or purify.  The need to cleanse is driven by the unwelcome intrusions in and around an individual; on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

At the physical level this could be particular people or environments that do not foster one’s well-being.  I have heard statements like: “That place is so depressing.”  “That person is so draining.”  Conversely: “I feel uplifted when I go there.”  “It is so energising, inspiring or empowering being around that person.”  Spiritually, adverse states could manifest as spiritual invasions, which if unchecked could fester into a quagmire incrementally.  At the emotional level, there can be feelings of discomfort or unease, tension, inexplicable sadness/depression.

Please note: I’m not saying that the suffering or less fortunate should suffer neglect and abandonment, no.  Rather, they should be helped in our various capacities, in the safest manner possible.  Completing and following through particular tasks, can be an uphill struggle for some individuals who feel usurped by dis-empowering situations.  One may attempt to challenge this explanation by saying: “It is all in the mind.”  I say you are partly right, because the mind has both intuitive and rational abilities to inform the body about what is going on in and around it. What is more, particular practical steps often need to be taken, in concert with non empirical ones, for one to experience relief from affliction.

The range of therapies and treatments that are available to us help in addressing particular states/conditions, that can manifest in an individual in different ways.  For example, we have got counsellors, physicians, pharmacists, healers and herbalists; all of whom have different specialisms, and can make particular contributions in the well-being of people. When one feels impounded by a state/s that seem insurmountable, he/she should not feel confined to the month of February to enhance their well-being.  Purification/cleansing can be done in any month, including February.  Please do take care of yourself and your loves ones.

I wish you well.




Be Decisive


In our personal, business and professional lives, making particular decisions can be a nerve-racking moment for some, while others relish any such opportunity. However, when you have facts about the matter on which a decision is to be made, that should facilitate you to make an informed decision. Be decisive, you will have something to carry out or otherwise. Indecision can have drawbacks, including missed or lost opportunities. Therefore indecision can be a barrier to progression, achieving goals or success.

Being decisive is of critical importance to the growth of your business. It also allows for business development or, professional development in your chosen avocation, including research. If you are decisive, you can build on and vastly expand your ventures and body of knowledge. Sometimes one may think: ”what if something goes wrong?” How about the thought: “what if all goes well?”

Should you inadvertently make a decision that yields wrong results; firstly, you will have the satisfaction that at least you made a decision. Secondly, there is always room for improvement. I’m not advocating recklessness, but imparting information about remedial actions. You can always evaluate the situation and use your wit and other strengths to salvage any mishap/s. It is also part of your growth, both individually and in a corporate sense. It is also a pertinent phenomenon in the ascendancy to success.

A quality that is common in leadership and in the business fraternity is the ability to take risks. You have to decide whether to take that risk or not. You have to make sound and timely decisions, because your support-base and clientele count on you to do so. In being decisive, you may not be all things to all men and women. It may seem like a situation that is far from desirable, but at least it is the truth. Not being decisive can also be a risky sanctuary. It is best to emancipate yourself from the mental slavery of not being decisive.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. In doing so you exhibit clarity and honesty, and you earn the trust and confidence of those that you transact with.
In being decisive, do not lose hope that you are in a confining situation that you cannot extricate yourself from. Do forget that there is always a rationale for your decisions, as well as room for rectification where necessary.
I wish you well.