February: Cleansing/Purification


The word February is derived from the word Februa; which means cleansing or purification.[1]  Cleansing means to sanitize, decontaminate or purify.  The need to cleanse is driven by the unwelcome intrusions in and around an individual; on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

At the physical level this could be particular people or environments that do not foster one’s well-being.  I have heard statements like: “That place is so depressing.”  “That person is so draining.”  Conversely: “I feel uplifted when I go there.”  “It is so energising, inspiring or empowering being around that person.”  Spiritually, adverse states could manifest as spiritual invasions, which if unchecked could fester into a quagmire incrementally.  At the emotional level, there can be feelings of discomfort or unease, tension, inexplicable sadness/depression.

Please note: I’m not saying that the suffering or less fortunate should suffer neglect and abandonment, no.  Rather, they should be helped in our various capacities, in the safest manner possible.  Completing and following through particular tasks, can be an uphill struggle for some individuals who feel usurped by dis-empowering situations.  One may attempt to challenge this explanation by saying: “It is all in the mind.”  I say you are partly right, because the mind has both intuitive and rational abilities to inform the body about what is going on in and around it. What is more, particular practical steps often need to be taken, in concert with non empirical ones, for one to experience relief from affliction.

The range of therapies and treatments that are available to us help in addressing particular states/conditions, that can manifest in an individual in different ways.  For example, we have got counsellors, physicians, pharmacists, healers and herbalists; all of whom have different specialisms, and can make particular contributions in the well-being of people. When one feels impounded by a state/s that seem insurmountable, he/she should not feel confined to the month of February to enhance their well-being.  Purification/cleansing can be done in any month, including February.  Please do take care of yourself and your loves ones.

I wish you well.



[1]  http://projectbritain.com/year/february.htm

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