Starve Your Distractions, and just feed Your Focus


It is known that energy follows thought. Focusing on a task elicits energy that flows and is directed to that which you want to flourish.  Productive time spent on distractions is similar to money invested in unprofitable ventures; it pays to spend time wisely, in gainful investments.

Focusing is a kind of psychological ability that, if cultivated consistently, momentum is built and the vice of destruction can be tamed.  One of the antitheses to distractions is alertness.  Focusing on your goals with regularity is helpful in building the momentum needed to ultimately realise the desired goals.

Distractions are like leeches feeding on you, draining you and denying you the time that you could have usefully invested in what you were trying to focus on.  My reference to leeches is not to suggest that biodiversity is a bad idea, it is very good indeed.  Starving distractions is therefore very necessary in order to feed your focus.  A helpful tool to help focus is regular meditation; it aids the ability maintain focus, ignoring any distractions.

Distractions reduce output, compromise quality and can give rise to mediocrity; while, focus fosters excellence.   If you can get the best goods and services, why should you settle for average goods and services? You know what is preferable to you and your clients, and I trust that you can ably work towards it. Practice is said to make perfect; no city was built in a day, there is a starting point…like now!

Alertness (+) focus () distractions = realisation.

I wish you well.


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