The Best Investment is in Yourself

The Best Investment

Investing in things or other people is a good thing, because you can rely on them for decent returns, if the ‘clockwork’ in the mix is efficient.   In a relay race, each person runs their course and passes on the baton to another.  The individual distance run by each individual is much smaller compared to the sum of all put together.  My point is that a long distance or marathon runner usually covers the whole distance alone.  I believe that you cannot afford to let yourself down.

You have sole responsibility for your success, and it is only you who knows how far you want to go and at what speed.  I’m not suggesting that teamwork and collective responsibility is a bad thing, no.  Even with a team, there is an expectation that each individual will have a reasonable input in order for the organisation’s forecasts to be realised to an impressive level.  The year has just started and you know where you want to be by the end of it.

Whatever you do, it is helpful and greatly rewarding to continually invest in yourself.  Allotting time, money, effort or resources are all things that cannot go to waste if you are investing in yourself.  Hence my belief that the best investment is in yourself, it is very securely attached to you.

I wish you well.