About David Lodda


I was once told that healing is a noble calling and that everyone has a life purpose.  With a wealth of prior knowledge of different healing modalities, in 2002 I started my formal training in healing.  I have participated in development circles and workshops in different settings, and travelled internationally to do research in the field of  healing.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Town Planning, and I’m experienced in both public and private sectors in this field. I also have a BA (Hons) in Social Work and have previously practised as a registered Social Worker for several years prior to taking heed of this message:

“No good can ever come from deviating from the path that you were destined to follow.  You will be assailed by hidden pain”. – Robert Greene

I had to focus on my life task and continue to do so, allowing any failures to be inspirational to me.

Focusing on my life task may not have been in synchronicity with some of my associates at the time; however, the inevitable reality of re-calibration came to pass for the good of all.  I had to be fearless in pursuit of my noble dream and calling…healing.

I’m a certified and officially internationally recognised Healer and Herbalist, based in London, United Kingdom.  I’m also a Reiki practitioner and experienced in working with Angels.  While taking into account their needs, wishes and aspirations, I help leaders, individuals and business owners.

My spare time is spent in the remembrance of God and His magnificent attributes, reflection, spending time in nature, in discussions with my daughters, friends and associates on topical issues and current affairs globally.  I also travel internationally and read books that are unrelated to healing.

For any enquiries please use the contact form below:

You can also find me on Twitter: @DavidLodda.


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