The Best Investment is in Yourself

The Best Investment

Investing in things or other people is a good thing, because you can rely on them for decent returns, if the ‘clockwork’ in the mix is efficient.   In a relay race, each person runs their course and passes on the baton to another.  The individual distance run by each individual is much smaller compared to the sum of all put together.  My point is that a long distance or marathon runner usually covers the whole distance alone.  I believe that you cannot afford to let yourself down.

You have sole responsibility for your success, and it is only you who knows how far you want to go and at what speed.  I’m not suggesting that teamwork and collective responsibility is a bad thing, no.  Even with a team, there is an expectation that each individual will have a reasonable input in order for the organisation’s forecasts to be realised to an impressive level.  The year has just started and you know where you want to be by the end of it.

Whatever you do, it is helpful and greatly rewarding to continually invest in yourself.  Allotting time, money, effort or resources are all things that cannot go to waste if you are investing in yourself.  Hence my belief that the best investment is in yourself, it is very securely attached to you.

I wish you well.



As the year winds up, you may have a raft of well thought through projects or business ideas that you hope to act upon.  You have already done a major part of your work and plan…thinking.  I take this opportunity to urge you to go ahead with your action plan.

Thinking that is not translated into action is not as helpful as that which is acted upon.  Furthermore, thinking like people of action suggests that actions should be thought through.  French philosopher Henri Bergson said: “Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought.” As well-balanced self directed individuals, thought should precede action; so does logic necessitate.  We should not let common sense be rare.

Our thoughts and plans may sometimes be disrupted by individuals for whatever reason, you need not lose hope.  Having an approach whereby you have different strokes for different folks can be a good mitigation measure, in addition to mastering the art of timing.

Competition should not make you try too hard in being what you are not, because results from the litmus test of authenticity may suggest otherwise.  It is a good idea to just be your authentic self, and you will find that there is no competition because there is only one authentic you.  You are a multi-talented individual with more than one string to your bow, you are evergreen.

I wish you well.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever felt as though your dream is being frustrated or even seemingly dead?  If so, rest assured that your dream can be revived to vibrancy.  Even butterflies, amphibians and reptiles hibernate; and when they do, it does not mean that they are extinct.

A frustrated dream is not necessarily a dead dream; that is just an interlude.  You are not vanquished and can therefore give your dream the oomph it needs. You just need to make better use of the amalgam of strategy and tactics.  Sun Tzu, a military strategist who wrote a book titled ‘The Art of War’ informs us that: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

You are an individual who is well skilled and whole in spirit, ready to march forward in the business, scholastic or philanthropic world. The best direction is forward, not retreating or, ‘advancing backwards’, which is actually retreat but put differently.  Being alert and astute can give you leverage and help to tip the scales in your favour, soldier on…

If you love what you do, just bear in mind that determination plus hard work, minus laziness equals success; there you have a working formula.  As the year winds down, your mind and body clock should not do so by default; it is the year that is winding down, not your mind and dream.  It is an equally opportune time to put your best foot forward, go ahead.


I wish you well.

Be a Visionary

Be a visionary

A visionary is one who is ahead of his/her time in a creative and imaginative way, with a grand future plan for positive change.  Being a visionary puts you in the league of individuals that easily see what some people struggle to imagine.  Examples of such individuals include: Thomas Alva Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.  So, just be you and aspire to make both a living and a positive difference in people’s lives in whatever you choose to do.

Each of these visionaries had a great vision in their time.  They deemed their plans to be important. However, their visions may not have been pleasant to all ears.  One of the ways to avoid upsetting some individuals is by doing nothing important.  If you choose not to do anything important, you may be endeared by many, but at what opportunity cost?  Your progress and the potential beneficiaries from it!

So, how do you navigate the choppy seas of diverse interests?  I believe that if you are to stay the course, it is best to keep a safe distance between you and those that belittle your ambitions.  It helps to smooth your journey to greatness, remember that nothing worth having comes easily.  Ensure that any traction is in your desired direction, by delineating between movement and progress.

I wish you well.

Believing in Myself was the Precursor to Others Believing in Me as a Consequence

David Lodda quote

It was clear to me that believing in myself was a choice, and I chose to do so.  I envisioned myself and healing work in a positive light, and the light eliminated through the barriers of scepticism.  I’m in this business which may seem strange to some, but I see it as a very personal journey, pertinent to my individuality.

Call it self confidence or self esteem; I believed that I had what it took to make my dream come true…healing.  It may not be the most glamorous of occupations, but for me it is a noble calling that has attachments like, loving what I do, making a positive contribution to society and therewithal.

I got inspired by any past mistakes in previous settings, with the resolve: “I will not let that happen again.”  In this context any failures can be inspiration for one to do better next time.  I learnt more and more about the self, hoping and believing that I would do a better job, a wish that came true.

Word of caution: No one plans to make mistakes in what they do.  Accidents or mistakes are pertinent to growth and development.  I’m yet to meet an individual who has never got anything wrong, but has got each and every thing right throughout their life!

The words of Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher echoed in my mind along the lines of: “Mastering others is strength, however, mastering myself is true power.”  One of the inferences I made of that was that knowing myself should be in parallel with believing in myself, for others to believe in me.

I wish you well.

Starve Your Distractions, and just feed Your Focus


It is known that energy follows thought. Focusing on a task elicits energy that flows and is directed to that which you want to flourish.  Productive time spent on distractions is similar to money invested in unprofitable ventures; it pays to spend time wisely, in gainful investments.

Focusing is a kind of psychological ability that, if cultivated consistently, momentum is built and the vice of destruction can be tamed.  One of the antitheses to distractions is alertness.  Focusing on your goals with regularity is helpful in building the momentum needed to ultimately realise the desired goals.

Distractions are like leeches feeding on you, draining you and denying you the time that you could have usefully invested in what you were trying to focus on.  My reference to leeches is not to suggest that biodiversity is a bad idea, it is very good indeed.  Starving distractions is therefore very necessary in order to feed your focus.  A helpful tool to help focus is regular meditation; it aids the ability maintain focus, ignoring any distractions.

Distractions reduce output, compromise quality and can give rise to mediocrity; while, focus fosters excellence.   If you can get the best goods and services, why should you settle for average goods and services? You know what is preferable to you and your clients, and I trust that you can ably work towards it. Practice is said to make perfect; no city was built in a day, there is a starting point…like now!

Alertness (+) focus () distractions = realisation.

I wish you well.