Personal Sustainable Development Goals (PSDGs)


  1. Enhance your ability to ascend economically by making use of the opportunities that present themselves, you are a resourceful individual. Indifference in meeting your PSDGs should not be an option, because you really need to make a difference by being different from what you were.  I exhort you to gravitate towards ascension not descent.
  1. Ensure food security by eating nutritious meals on time. The energy you expend going about your business needs to be replenished with regularity and on time.  It would not be feasible for a car driver whose fuel tank reads ¼ and he/she thinks that the fuel can do 300 miles (482.8 kilometres)!
  1. Ensure that your health and wellbeing are not compromised in order to maintain long term constancy in achieving your aims and goals, and happily enjoying the rewards of your work. Take good care of your physical and spiritual needs; the body, mind and spirit approach. Some needs can be met by tangible empirical remedies, while other needs are met by metaphysical ones or, a fusion of both for a holistic approach to problem solving. I hasten to add that this is where David Lodda the healer comes in.
  1. Do decent work or business; do what you like and like what you do to maximise quality, productivity, longevity and fulfilment. When you like what you do, it is more likely than not that you give your work that extra tender loving care (TLC).  Additionally, it is also likely that you will come across and be perceived by others as a self-starter.  In terms of time as in space, one who likes what he/she does is more likely to last in that occupation for a long duration.
  1. Have an inclusive service provision; by inclusive I mean that the services you provide should be open to all those who can benefit from them. People in need of your services and who can access them should be warmly welcomed.
  1. Make sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems; enjoy the best herbs and herbal teas from sources with ethical harvesting methods. Methods that do not facilitate environmental degradation, but foster sustainable development
  1. This list of personal sustainable development goals is not exhaustive and can be added to.

I wish you well.