Intelligent Motion


In debates and meetings, when motions are passed they often effect change on one way or another.  It could even be a change that has a chain reaction or ripple-effect in various ways.  On an individual level, you can pass your own motion to evolve.  Evolving could be becoming upwardly mobile in economic terms.  It could also be ascending in rank or hierarchy in your organisation, leadership or, scholarship.

When you make that decision and follow it through, you are in motion to achieve your aims.  The phenomenon of evolving underscores the fact that you are now different from what you where before. This change should be a positive change that should place you in better stead.  I trust that you are a rational individual who would aim to make thoughtful and beneficial change.

You can be the first among equals in your environments, in work, business or socialisations.  Evolving to a better placement in status should help us not to detract from the good etiquette of treating our pears like equals.  Yes, they are your equals. The only difference between you and them is only one, that you are the first among them.  When that is the case, you all happily enjoy the whole package of good professional business relations.

You now have a second family which you should nurture so caringly, they too care for you.  You now allot sufficient time for your first family at home and that at work or in your business circles.  When this happens, when you are in either home, members of the other home are not worried; you have struck the right balance.  Moreover you are able to give undivided attention to whatever you do. Well done.

When you are the first among equals it is perhaps because you have charisma that is inspirational to your team and beyond.  You most probably also have other qualities that make people want to listen to you.  People may want that you take charge of the project at hand or, that you are the vicegerent of your organisation at inter-organisation conferences or meetings.

When you do your work, you find that others imitate you.  They imitate you because there is something about you or your work that is worth emulating, with a view to bettering their prospects.  The uniqueness about you becomes ‘contagious’. Some leaders, business people and academics have proved this hypothesis to be true.  Please reflect: You passed an intelligent motion to evolve and be the first among equals, a luminary example to emulate, which you are now.  Well done!  You can now aim for greater heights if you so wish.

I wish you well.