With Your Brilliant Ideas, Have a Great Start this Monday

With your brilliant

You might have been in your comfort zone at the weekend, rightly so.  You deserve the best in both work and pleasure.  There is a time and place for particular things in life.  A balanced life is usually a happy life; I’m yet to learn of anybody who is averse to happiness.

I start by commending you for the brilliance of your ideas; you are resourceful and adept at your craft.   It is a new week, a fresh start and you are bustling with new ideas.  The numerous opportunities before you await your decisions. It is another day to make choices.  Your intent to make this week better than the previous one, is something that many people would concur with.

If you made some rough decisions last week, yes, that was last week.  It is a new dawn.  Any situation that presents itself as an obstacle is an opportunity for you to skill yourself in that particular aspect. The hidden positives in a situation can be obscured by the superficial negativity, which is not deep rooted but only apparent.  Just unmask the superficiality of the hindrance and the reality of the empty threat is revealed.  It is akin to a prank that you should not allot a great measure of seriousness to.

You know what needs a great measure of seriousness, your craft.  Now, your ideas are a vehicle on which those that count on you will ride.  I trust that it will be a smooth and happy ride, because you believe in yourself and there are those that believe in you.  You are both interdependent: they benefit from your professional services; you have a loyal client base.  If you are a student, you derive benefit from the learning and facilities at your institution.  On the other hand, your high grades can contribute to your institution of learning being held in high esteem.

As a healer, I’m hopeful to having a great start this Monday, and I wish you an equally great start in your field.

I wish you well.


Reconstitute and get in the fast lane


I believe that cutting your losses and letting your profits run is a helpful thing to do; additionally, you should know when to do so. You are emancipated and freed to think and work on master plans and projects that are grander and beneficial to society.  You are now wearing your actual shoe size, because you were previously “wearing” a size or two smaller than what befits you. It is often a way to doing greater things life, in perhaps a more rewarding and fulfilling way.

You are more equipped than you think.  Firstly, you have knowledge and skills to date and you cannot unlearn what you already know.  Deploy your knowledge, skills talent and experience in a different capacity; the rewards are always waiting to be received.  Looking from an economics focal point, take into consideration the micro and macro, society will be appreciative of your work and diligence.  Do your maths: Among other things, you are now more able to use your intellectual capacity to a greater extent ( – ) undue stress ( + ) better prospects ( + ) a better quality of life ( + ) appreciation of your clients/customers or patients = success.

Focus on your life task and let your failures inspire you.  Despair should not be an option, just drive your wishes and aspirations through the one-way street of hope.                  Having hope opens up many possibilities, including opportunities to explore along the way and having realistic speculations that come to fruition in due course.   A good strategy with realistic and not outlandish targets is helpful.

Surely, if your desire is to be successful in life, it may then be worth noting that you can get to your preferred destination.  Yes you can, just get in lane onto the one way street of hope, you are on the right trajectory, just power on and success will be your crown.  Reconstitute yourself, be in the fast lane and disprove those who did not believe in you.  You thought you could be successful, yes you can, be ready to reap big, stand tall and enjoy your blessings!


Do what you love, love what you do


“You’ve got to find what you love…  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  – Steve Jobs

The process of finding and arriving at what you truly love can be multi-faceted.  In my case, some of the things that I took into consideration were: autonomy, my interests, skills, strengths and possibilities.  Finding what I love helped immensely in extricating me from confining situations at work, I do not feel constricted. Constriction can be a disempowering element which can in turn hinder one’s creativity, output and progress.

I had to find what I love and after doing so, I submitted to the ideal apprenticeship where I have learned and continue to learn lessons established by the greatest masters, past and present in my field of work.  During my apprenticeship, I had teachers, mentors and coaches that I learned from and this greatly increased my proficiency in the field of healing.

My area of work is not one with operational manuals, policies and procedures of which, once mastered, you know everything in your business.  It is an area of work where independence, self direction, creativity, intuition and ration are exercised freely for the good of all.  Freedom, plurality of thought and expression are key elements for getting the best from one’s talent.

The autonomy attributed to my work allows me to harness my skills, whereby my knowledge has vastly expanded, and the expansion is a continuum.  Acquisition of skills can be eclectic, as has been in my case.  Keeping at my craft also continually adds value to the quality of work, a source of inspiration to me and satisfaction to clientele.

While it is the case that every job or business comes with criticisms and compliments; it is also true that virtue cannot live out of the teeth of emotion.  However, it is important to note that by not having revulsion for what one does, this underpins output, quality and satisfaction.

I found what I love and love what I do as an intuitive healer and herbalist, certified and internationally recognised. Working with business owners and individuals, where I’m able let my uniqueness and authenticity resonate freely.



In our daily lives we exhort our family, friends and colleagues to be mindful of particular things in order not to be ruinous or be disadvantaged in some way.  For example one may caution earnestly by saying: “Please be mindful of the small print in the contract.”  However, mindfulness is broader than that; the term also encapsulates several aspects of being.

There are slight variances of definitions of mindfulness; in this written piece I will use one of the simplistic versions.  Mindfulness is a mental state that is achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations[1].

Mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) in treating various disorders.  MBCT is said to have the potential to improve one’s well-being, mindfulness, emotional regulation, positive mood and spiritual[2] experience, while reducing stress anxiety and other problems.

However, from a proactive and not reactive approach to well-being, one can learn and practice mindfulness as per the definition in the second paragraph.  Mindfulness meditation is a specific technique that one can use to help develop the capacity for mindfulness[3].  Research shows that the physical health benefits of mindfulness include: an improved immune system, lower blood pressure, and better sleep.

The Mindfulness Meditation Institute informs us that you can also improve your self-esteem through mindfulness meditation[4].  One can practice and be proficient at mindfulness meditation from the comfort of his/her home, and the benefits are worthwhile.

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Mysteries of God


God has numerous mysteries which we experience in our daily lives.  When I reflect on the mysteries, I may never fully understand them.  However, I understand and appreciate the divine wisdom in them, and I will now share with you some of my experiences.

One evening in the winter season of 2002, I was in a church in Richmond London as part of my training in healing, we were a class of approximately fifteen including the tutor.  Suddenly, everyone was quiet for a short while, I saw a large figure without wings enter into the high windows of the church, and after a few seconds it spread out a set of wings and flew out of the church.

The mystery was that the size of the being was many times bigger than the space in the window.  Additionally, the being changed forms, having and not having wings, expanding massively and contracting.  Furthermore, only three of us in the group saw this phenomenon.  I tried to tell my class mates, but I could not speak, I was speechless until the being flew out of the church.  This was my first direct encounter of angelic presence.

Somebody once told me: “If you heal, why do you also fall sick like other people?”  This person was very right; my response was that it is a manifestation of God’s mysteries.  I went on to give a similitude that of a doctor, who treats patients but is also susceptible to common colds and flu!

I watched a television programme of faith healing where some individuals walked to the stage where the pastor was healing people.  My guest did not seem convinced; he said if that was true, each and every person in the gathering should have been healed.  I retorted that it was a mystery of God.

In Philosophy of Religion we learn about the problem of evil and the inconsistent triad[1].  The three in the inconsistent triad are:  if he (God) is omnipotent, he could have created a world free from evil and suffering; and if he is all loving he would want to end all evil and suffering; since God is omniscient, he knows how to stop evil and suffering yet they still exist.

My humble understanding and inference is that those are mysteries of God’s divine wisdom, which is beyond human mastery.  Even me, a graduate in two different disciplines practising as a healer is another manifestation of God’s mysteries.



[1]   Jordan, A. Locker, N. & Tate, E. (2004)  The Philosophy of Religion for A Level Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes Ltd.

Learning the Language of Plants


Several years ago, during one of my travels to Africa doing research about herbs and herbal medicine, one of my teachers and mentors said to me: “do you understand the language of plants?  We shall spend this afternoon communicating with plants and getting some herbs”.  My initial reaction was one of shock, wondering how this could be possible.

It was the first time that I had come across the concept of the language of plants. I then said that I looked forward to that.  We went on a trek into the wilderness, where I could not spot another human being or a dwelling of any sort in the area, just plants; my lesson started.

The lead person in the group said me “look at this tree, it is not a common tree, its leaves have got good medicinal properties”.  He explained in detail what the menial properties were and what they treat.  He then gave me instructions, before plucking or cutting any part of a tree or plant, always request the tree that you can have some of its leaves/part for medicinal purposes, do not just cut or pluck, trees have a type of consciousness.

When you harvest, do not forget to thank the plant that you harvested from.  He then went on to say that the herbs work better when they are harvested this way.  The addition to my learning curve was that there are ethics in harvesting herbs, and that his knowledge had been learnt by these individuals spiritually, not through formal institutional education.  During my formal learning I also learnt a similar thing but from a different source: being ethical with regard to sourcing of herbs.

Several years later, through research text, I came across the concept of The Doctrine of Signatures.  The Doctrine of Signatures[1] means that a plant that looks like a disease, organ or person can heal.  For example, Equisetum arvensis (Horsetail) looks like horse hair, so it is good for hair.  A further example is that snake medicine looks snake-like, the long flower Raceme looks like the spine of a snake.

A sweet potato looks like a pancreas, sweet potatoes[2]help to balance blood sugar.  The cells of our bodies look like onions; onions are good for removing toxic waste from the body.

A walnut looks like a human brain, walnuts a helpful in brain function[3]; Kidney beans look like human kidneys, they heal and help kidney function.


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Time in Nature for body, mind and spirit revitalization

Intuition can transform your state of being, if you trust and follow the positive intuitive message, and I attest to this as very true.  I was doing some research at home and the intuitive message was “stop, go and spend some time in nature”.  I got my bike and off I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, where I met some very cheerful people.   I then went to Richmond Park; again I met very cheerful people.  I got back recharged, with new ideas about what I was doing, flowing with better clarity and focus.  The trip evoked memories of one of my former tutors, who used to visit the park, and taught about trees, energy and grounding.

Scientifically, there are several reasons cited as to why it is beneficial to spend time in nature.  Preliminary [1]studies suggested that spending time in nature, particularly in forests, may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins.  Additionally, sharper thinking and creativity are benefits that can be derived from spending time in nature.

Exposure[2] to nature makes you feel better emotionally, contributes to your physical wellbeing, reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.  There are various reasons why some people may not be able to regularly spend time in nature; however, if one can he/she should, because the benefits are worthwhile.

People these days spend 25% less time enjoying nature than people did about 20 years ago[3].  Spending all day indoors creates a void in benefiting from the restorative power of nature.  Nature exhilarates our bodies minds and spirits.

The most visible manifestation of spirit is nature[4], where we interact with life’s primal energies: earth, water, fire, and air.  Education research[5] informs us that people who hold spiritual beliefs have better mental health, and this is recognised by mental health care practitioners.  Therefore from a spiritual perspective, I believe that spending time in nature is revitalizing, it is also pertinence to spirituality.


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