Mysteries of God


God has numerous mysteries which we experience in our daily lives.  When I reflect on the mysteries, I may never fully understand them.  However, I understand and appreciate the divine wisdom in them, and I will now share with you some of my experiences.

One evening in the winter season of 2002, I was in a church in Richmond London as part of my training in healing, we were a class of approximately fifteen including the tutor.  Suddenly, everyone was quiet for a short while, I saw a large figure without wings enter into the high windows of the church, and after a few seconds it spread out a set of wings and flew out of the church.

The mystery was that the size of the being was many times bigger than the space in the window.  Additionally, the being changed forms, having and not having wings, expanding massively and contracting.  Furthermore, only three of us in the group saw this phenomenon.  I tried to tell my class mates, but I could not speak, I was speechless until the being flew out of the church.  This was my first direct encounter of angelic presence.

Somebody once told me: “If you heal, why do you also fall sick like other people?”  This person was very right; my response was that it is a manifestation of God’s mysteries.  I went on to give a similitude that of a doctor, who treats patients but is also susceptible to common colds and flu!

I watched a television programme of faith healing where some individuals walked to the stage where the pastor was healing people.  My guest did not seem convinced; he said if that was true, each and every person in the gathering should have been healed.  I retorted that it was a mystery of God.

In Philosophy of Religion we learn about the problem of evil and the inconsistent triad[1].  The three in the inconsistent triad are:  if he (God) is omnipotent, he could have created a world free from evil and suffering; and if he is all loving he would want to end all evil and suffering; since God is omniscient, he knows how to stop evil and suffering yet they still exist.

My humble understanding and inference is that those are mysteries of God’s divine wisdom, which is beyond human mastery.  Even me, a graduate in two different disciplines practising as a healer is another manifestation of God’s mysteries.



[1]   Jordan, A. Locker, N. & Tate, E. (2004)  The Philosophy of Religion for A Level Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes Ltd.